Terms and Conditions

If you feel that you do not meet all the terms and conditions please call us to see if there will be any extra cost.

  1. The standard solar system consists of Two Genersys 1000-4 solar panels, the roof frame, controller, pump station, expansion vessel, a twin coil 210 litre vented cylinder and pipe work up to 10 meters from the panel to the cylinder. Longer pipe runs will cost £12.50 per meter up to 30 meters
  2. The property is up to two stories high with a south facing pitched roof with one bathroom and up to four bedrooms. Roofs higher than 2 stories will need permanent scaffolding and will cost approximately £180.00 per floor extra.
  3. There is direct access from the ground to the south facing roof surface with area to erect temporary scaffolding.
  4. There is an existing vented hot water system with hot water cylinder and the current location can accommodate a 500mm x 1600mm cylinder.
  5. The pipe run from the panels to the hot water cylinder is no further than 10 meters.
  6. The roof must be a pitched and of sound structure comprising of slates, terracotta or concrete tiles.(Not lead or metal roof)
  7. A switched spur can be installed from within one meter of the hot water cylinder.
  8. The boiler must be a feed and expansion wall hung boiler with full controls for the central heating and hot water with direct access to an outside wall. The boiler must have an adequate gas supply. If you have not got the right boiler or controls see below for guide prices to upgrade.
  9. The boiler for £1 is a Ravenheat CSI Primary Feed and expansion boiler worth £370.00 + Vat if you wish to upgrade to a sealed system boiler from Ravenheat the CSI System boiler is available for £180.00 + Vat surcharge.
  10. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  11. The system will be installed at a time suited to Future Heating Ltd and only be secured once a 10% deposit is received.
  12. Both boiler and solar installation must be carried out together.

    Guide Price for system upgrades.

    Full controls for hot water and central heating £345.00 + Vat

    Floor standing boiler to wall hung on outside wall. £330.00 + Vat

If you are unsure if this special offer is available to you please call us to discuss in greater detail on 020 8351 9360